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Information of Symi:

Symi is a small island which is part of Dodecanese. It is the eighth largest island of the complex located north of Rhodes. Symi has a mountainous and rocky surface with its largest part being bare, however at some points, mainly at the east part, there are forests of pine and cypress trees. Symi is an ideal destination for quiet vacations away from stress and anxiety. The lordly capital of the island consists of two districts, the seaside Gialos and the Chorio. Kali Strata is the street with the 500 steps that connects the two parts, with intense tourist activity. The Symi Festival is the most important cultural event of the summer. It is open from July to September, including performances, exhibitions, literature evenings and more, with the participation of famous Greek and foreign artists. TRAVEL There is a ferry for Symi from the port of Piraeus a few times per week but the trip takes at least 16 hours. A better approach is to take a ferry or a plane to Rhodes island, from which it is a short trip (at least one hour) to Symi with daily routes. TRANSPORTATIONS There is a bus service in Symi that covers the distance between Gialos, Chorio and Pedi. You can reach most of the beaches by boat. The tour of Symi, by boat, gives the opportunity to visit beaches that are not easily accessible. Most of them are small and reached only by sea or by plenty of walking. However, they are scenic beaches with crystal water and pure beauty untouched by tourism. The main beaches are Agios Emilianos, Agios Vasilios, Nanou, Marathounta, Panormitis, Sesklia, Toli, Nimporio, Pedi, Agia Marina, Nos, Agios Geogios and Agios Nikolaos SIGHTSEING The lordly settlement of Symi is built amphitheatrically at the side of a hill, while having been classified as preserved. The Archaeological Museum of Symi is housed in mansion with 3 rooms and a pebbled courtyard with large sculptures. Simi Maritime museum is housed in a neoclassical house of Gialos since 1990 and it hosts nautical equipment, parts, tools and ship models of local ships. Panormitis Monastery is the most important attraction of Symi. The most impressive things are the wonderful bell town and the whole body icon of Archangel Michael, decorated with gold and silver offerings. The Folklore museum of Panormitis is housed in the Panormitis Monastery and has an interesting collection of underwater antiquities. The Ecclesiastical museum of Panormitis is also housed in the Panormitis Monastery and hosts countless manuscripts with elaborate decoration, portable icons, sacred vessels embroidered vestments, offerings, etc. FOOD AND DRINKS Symi is famous for its little shrimp, as it is a very small and rare type of shrimp which is abundant in these waters. You should also try gaelopita which is essentially a smelt pie, as well as fresh fish and seafood. For dessert have the local akoumia, which are similar to donuts

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